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Our Goals

  • to enhance our quality of life
  • to advocate for the arts
  • to provide positive activities for our youth
  • to support local arts organizations
  • to preserve our heritage
  • to introduce new art forms to the public
  • to creatively assist at-risk populations
  • to entertain and inspire
  • to bring the Arts to marginalized people
  • to support economic development through the Arts
Our Achievements

  • incorporated as the first Arts Council in the state of Maryland
  • awarded 100 scholarships for higher education
  • granted over $200,000 to local arts organizations
  • funded 50 arts-integration programs in local schools
  • founded the Salisbury Festival
  • introduced rare films though our Salisbury Film society
  • initiated arts and healing projects in various care facilities
P.O. Box 884 - Salisbury MD 21803 - 410-543-ARTS - 104A Poplar Hill Ave Downtown Salisbury