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Wendy Waller
Penni Nichols
Dr. Debra Welsh
Dan O'Connell
Phyllis Jaffe
Stephanie Willey
David Esham
Mike Dunn
Ada Zant
Denise Kelly Parkin
Dr. Sultani
Dr. William Folger
Dr. Jane Pruitt
Ray Vorus
Nancy Tether
Palmer Gillis
Therese Hamilton
The Board of Directors & Staff

Wendy Waller, President
Penni Nichols, Vice President
Dr. Debra Welsh, Secretary
Dan O'Connell, Treasurer

Helen Brent, Honorary Member

Therese Hamilton, Executive Director
Heather Wilson, Administrative Assistant
P.O. Box 884 - Salisbury MD 21803 - 410-543-ARTS - 104A Poplar Hill Ave Downtown Salisbury